pinit fg en rect gray 20   Partnership Between Bissell and Dogma Continues

partnership between bissel dogma continues   Partnership Between Bissell and Dogma Continues

Santa Rosa, California home of the Bissell Team is proud to showcase the team’s newest fleet of race bikes. Since 2007, after riding the Paris and the Prince, Pinarello has been with the Bissell Team. They have been riding the once popular Dogma, which used to be all magnesium built in the last three years. Now, the Dogma is all carbon. It gets better each year according to Ben Oliver, the mechanic for the Bissell Team. He claims that it is the best handling bike he has ridden.

The rest of the team shares Oliver’s thoughts on Pinarello’s new Dogma. Andy Jacques-Maynes , formerly product manager on road bikes and team rider for the Bissell Team seems to run out of words to compliment the Dogma. The team says that it corners amazingly and the frame has super stiff quality.

The Dogma is much even better than the Princes ‘ best handling frames among other great bikes in the cycling world. Maynes further states that “You don’t feel like you’re pushing it around corners.”

The frame stiffness of the Dogma is due to its asymmetric design attributes of its chainstay shapes and it is complimented by the tubing thickness on the entire driveside that neutralizes the unbalanced pedal forces.

As far as far as the former Felt-Holoweska sprint star Daniel Holloway is concerned, the Dogma delivers him the much needed assurance in the sprint more than any other bike he has ridden.