pinit fg en rect gray 20   No Riding for Craig Until June

no riding craig until june   No Riding for Craig Until June

US cross-country star Adam Craig informed the world via his blog that he is currently recovering from having surgery on his anterior cruciate ligament and will not be able to compete until June of this year, at least. Craig underwent the operation last February 9, 2010.

The American MTB rider is known for indulging in other extreme sports when he is not riding his bike. Such activities include big mountain skiing and whitewater kayaking, but the ironic part of the story here is that it was on a simple morning jog across a parking lot that ruptured his ACL and sidelined him for an expected 4 months.

Of course, Craig won’t be found resting on the couch for so long, so he’s already up and riding on a stationary bike, but he’s being careful and taking it slow for now. “They’ve given me the conservative angle right now because they don’t want me to screw myself up trying to get back too soon,” says Craig on his blog.

He also mentioned his plans for joining the Mt. Hood Classic in May, which will be his first road race in two years, if he is able to get back on his feet by then. Craig blames his “momentary loss of focus” for the injury, also apologizing to his sponsors for the late start and thanking them for the support.

As what might be expected, the rider plans on making it up to his sponsors for the rest of the season. As he wrote on his blog, “I’m already getting fired up about turning a third or fourth row start into a medal. And I damn well better if I want people to forget about this little hiccup.”

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