pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Routes for the Cotswold Spring Classic 2010

new routes cotswold spring classic 2010   New Routes for the Cotswold Spring Classic 2010

After its successful run in 2009, the Cotswold Spring Classic returns as scheduled on Easter Monday which will be on April 5. The sportive planned to have the event retain all its components the same as the previous year however, some changes will be made on the routes.

Some of the roads in the previous route are not ideal for the event due to the winter season. There will be additional climbs as well to keep everyone excited to test their skills.

The organizers explain their reason behind the route changes, “We pride ourselves on using minor roads for the Cotswold experience. However, many of these roads are in such poor condition that riding on them could be dangerous.”

For the last two weeks, the organizers went to survey roads for the event. They were in search of new short (100km) and long (160km) routes. They had to give up some of the old routes from last year but maintained that the new short routes will be an enjoyable ride and the long routes will be challenging. They added some new sections and different climbs to keep in the spirit of the “Cotswold experience”.

As with the previous year, the Cotswold Spring Classic routes will have well stocked feed stations and motorcycle outrider support from the National Escort Group and NEG MedBikes. Performance Cycles will provide mechanical support. Entrants will get to choose their route of choice until they get to the split point of the day.