pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Racing League for Women in London

new racing league women london   New Racing League for Women in London

Women cyclists in London and the South East will be pleased to learn that a new road racing league was created for them. The London Women’s Cycle Racing League (LWCR) will have its first round this weekend.

The league aims to promote comradeship and sportsmanship through local competitions. Due to the growing number of interested women in the sport, the league was devised to make all affiliated clubs and individuals have a common meeting ground for competitions of interest.

The league is open from those who are new in racing to elite riders. The first race will be during the Surrey League at the Goodwood event in Chichester.

Maria David, spokeswoman of the LWCR, said that the league wants to change low turn up on races by sparking interest in the sport with the local girls.

LWCR is currently affiliated with London Dynamo, Kingston Wheelers and Dulwich Paragon. The purse for the event will not just be the prize money but the leader’s jersey as well which the athlete will have to wear for the second round at Hog Hill on April 10.

The league is a mix of different events like time trials, circuit races, road races of several lengths and more. The prizes will be both for individual and team wins. The earning of points are counted each time a racer joins an event and at the end, the best of 7 results are tallied and the season’s winner is determined.

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