pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Domestic Team Launched in Australia

new domestic team launched in australia   New Domestic Team Launched in Australia

A new Australian domestic cycling team named Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans was just launched in the Brisbane BMW showroom last night. The new team will be competing for the National Road Series (by Cycling Australia) and Caribou Publication’s Scody Cup.

Team sports director Patrick Jonker says that he is looking forward to working with the young squad, and adds that his role in the team will be “not only to lead the team ensuring success, but to mentor the riders.” Jonker says that his mentoring role for the young riders will be one that he’ll enjoy most.

Team Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans will be seeing action in events like Melbourne to Warrnambool, Tour of Tasmania, Tour of the Murray River, and the Tour of Geelong as part of the National Road Series and the Scody Cup.

Chris White, the team owner, says that being able to gather a squad of “Australia’s brightest young stars” allows them to have a wide selection of talent, as well as the chance to build upon the skills of their riders and develop them as individual athletes. White is expecting the team to be very successful overall in the cycling competitions, as well as becoming a “breeding ground” for a new generation of Australian pro cyclists.

In this regard, the Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans team will also be established as a development team for Fly V Australia. Team Fly V Australia has seen two years of action in the domestic cycling scene, so they are now setting their sights on international competition, with the new Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans team taking their place. Both cycling teams are owned by Pegasus Racing.

Virgin Blue-RBS Morgans roster for 2010: Michael Freiberg, Pat Shaw, Scott Law, Ben Dyball, James Hepburn, Peter Thomson, Cameron Peterson, Mitchell Pearson, Andrew Roe, James Mowatt, Rhys Gillett and Chris Pryor.

Image courtesy of © Beau Chenery