pinit fg en rect gray 20   Meyer Wins 2nd Points World Title in Copenhagen

meyer wins 2nd points world title in copenhagen   Meyer Wins 2nd Points World Title in Copenhagen

The first day of the 2010 Track World Championships did not disappoint as the fans were treated to lots of exciting finishes in Denmark this Wednesday. This event, conveniently held at around the midway point between the last Olympic Games in Beijing and the upcoming games in London, also serves as a sort-of measuring stick to gauge the form and ability of future Olympic cyclists.

Cameron Meyer of Australia did not disappoint, as he proved to everyone why he’s the reigning points world champion by conquering the 40-kilometer, 160-lap track at the Men’s Points Race. As the defending champion of this event, Meyer was the favorite at the start of the race, and he practically guaranteed his victory when he lapped the field twice to earn 20 points. By the end of the race, the Australian had amassed a total of 70 points on his way to winning his second straight gold medal.

Meanwhile, Dutchman cyclist Peter Schep came in for the silver medal with 33 points, and Milan Kadlic of the Czech Republic manage to hold on to a slim 27 points to round up the podium winners at third place.

The bronze medal at the Men’s Points Race was hotly contested, as British rider Chris Newton did all he could to grab even a third-place spot on the podium. However, he made a crucial mistake on the final lap when he tried sprinting too early and lost steam before finishing the race. A slowed-down Newton allowed Argentinian rider Perez to race past him and challenge for the bronze, but could not catch up to Kadlic’s 27 points which was enough to win the Czech rider a third place finish.