pinit fg en rect gray 20   Haro Dennis Enarson Signature Frames

haro   Haro Dennis Enarson Signature Frames

Haro Bikes will come out with new SD frames inspired by a young and talented rider named Dennis Enarson. The Dennis Enarson new signature frames are available in 20.8”, 21” and 21.5” top tubes. The head angle is 75 degrees and has a CHC machined drop out.

The frame already integrates the seat clamp and features fully removable brake mounts or tabs. Other specs include a 11.5 bottom bracket and a 13.75 rear center. The frame measures 8.6 inches for frame height. Without the brake mounts or tabs, the frame will weigh 4lbs 8oz.

The SD frames will be available in the middle of April. This will also coincide with Haro’s SD Downtown frames. This is basically the smaller version of the SD Frame. The SD Downtown frames come in sizes 20.25” and 20.5”. The two frames are sold in three colors and they are grape, silver and acid bath.

You can get them for the MSRP of $299.