pinit fg en rect gray 20   Granny Gear Cancels 2010 24 Hour National Championship

granny gear cancels 2010 24 hour national championship   Granny Gear Cancels 2010 24 Hour National Championship

The 2010 24 Hour National Championship in Big Bear, West Virginia was canceled. The reason was the low attendance and difficulty in acquiring sponsors for the event. Spokes Magazine spoke to Granny Gear’s director Laird Knight regarding this decision. The event was scheduled to be held on June 12-13 together with 24 Hours of Big Bear, a race organized by Granny Gear Productions.

Last year’s event was also in conjunction with the 24 Hours of Moab. The 2009 24 Hour National Championship was done in Moab, Utah with Granny Gear Productions responsible for the race. The original location was supposed to be in Payson, Arizona but it was canceled on February.

The possibility of having the race in Moab instead of Big Bear is not yet determined. USA Cycling is in partnership with Granny Gear Productions to host a National Championship event. The cancellation might be temporary in light of last year’s rescheduling and relocation. However, the cards stacked for Moab looks good since Knight opted to give up the West Virginia race and the 24 Hour of Nine Mile in Wisconsin. It seems that Moab might be their last choice of having the event.

Source: Spokes Magazine