pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gita Supplies Team RadioShack Kits

gita supplies team radioshack kits   Gita Supplies Team RadioShack Kits

Team RadioShack Kits will be distributed exclusively by Gita Sporting Goods this March. The Team issue kits will be made available to retailers with Gita being its sole supplier.

Gita Sporting Goods won a multi-year deal with Nike and became the official distributor of technical race wear for Team RadioShack. They will be providing the pro team their racing gear as well as Team Issue kits for sale. The kit will include the Team RadioShack jersey and bib short. These are all designed to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. The patterns enhance maximum aerodynamics that works to give form fitting comfort and optimizes functionality. It also delays for fatigue to set in.

Giorgio Andretta of Gita Sporting Goods believes that becoming the official sponsor for Team RadioShack will allow them to bring cycling apparel to a higher level. He hopes that this vision to be a reality through the innovative designs for the professional road team and cyclists worldwide.

Gita Sporting Goods, LTD holds the rights to be the only supplier for Team RadioShack genuine apparel in the United States. The items will be distributed to select independent bicycle dealers. For each item sold, a portion is allocated to go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Gita will also take care of the worldwide reach of the said race gear.

Source: Bicycleretailer