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giro zero gloves   Giro Zero Gloves

Giro comes out with a new glove called the Zero. It is a pro-level glove designed for riders who are looking for a well-ventilated glove that gives great handling of the bar when used.

The glove is made of supple micro-vented lather palm. It has a breathable upper to give a form fitting feel. Once worn, the glove seems to become much like a second skin.

Giro used their Super Fit technology to design the glove in a manner that optimizes comfort and performance. With this technology, you won’t feel the gloves bunch up each time you grip the handle bars.

For the leather used on the glove, Giro features the Pittards WR100X. The leather is made from hairsheep, the Cabretta, and it was precisely chosen for its fine but sturdy texture. It underwent a special tanning process to make the leather water-resistant and will resist sweat better than most other leather and synthetic fibers.

The retail price for the Zero gloves is $35.00. It comes in colors black, white, blue and red with silver combinations.

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