pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fulcrum Red Heat Wheelset

fulcrum red heat wheelset   Fulcrum Red Heat Wheelset

Fulcrum has added a new mountain bike wheelset called Red Heat to their downhill/freeride range. The new wheelset was designed for it to be a match with standard (clincher) tires. However, the tubeless set up will just not do it for this wheelset.

The innovative wheelset was launched yesterday at the Taipei International Cycle Show in Taiwan. Don’t be fooled over Red Heat because it is a bit similar in appearance with the Red Fire series. There is a difference on the rims and alloys for each bike.

Slight narrow rims would be one of those qualities the Red Heat has plus oversized alloy hubs. The coloring finish of the bike parts would not be as eye-catching as the Fire’s black with red graphics but a version slightly altered to grab your attention with its subtlety.

Other noteworthy features of the Red Heat would be front through-axles sized at 20mm/110mm plus the rear through-axles measuring at 12mm/150mm. The Heat has 32 variable section, six-bolt disc rotor mounts and stainless steel spokes on each wheel.

Fulcrum states, “Red Heat was designed to be solid and strong, ready to face any obstacle and land with no problems after any jump.”

No confirmed price yet for the Fulcrum Red Heat but the weight is highly likely to be about 2,200 grams.

fulcrum red heat wheelset 1   Fulcrum Red Heat Wheelset

fulcrum red heat wheelset 2   Fulcrum Red Heat Wheelset

fulcrum red heat wheelset 3   Fulcrum Red Heat Wheelset