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first fmb world tour   First FMB World Tour

2010 is the year Freeride Mountain biking takes on the world with its first Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour. The sport is now enjoying an increase in number of riders who love to join Big Mountain, Slopestyle and Dirt Jump contests. However, it doesn’t have its own world series in comparison with other action sports like TTR World Snowboard Tour and the ASP World Tour for surfing, until now. A core group of professional athletes, organizers and opinion leaders have come up with a new organization, the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour.

The FMB World Tour was created to put a structure on the sport. It aims to make events consistent and safer for the contestants and easier for the media to cover. Freeride mountain biking is a sport where many athletes love to participate in. Since the competition is worldwide, forming a tour is only logical to elevate the sport to a whole new level. This will create a middle ground where there is a standard set for judging and ranking of athletes.

In actuality, the tour is composed of existing events around the world on FMB. The ranking will be based on points collected from competing in them and the organizers will be updating the status of the athlete after each event closes. On the final tour stop, the points gained will be tallied and the FMB World Tour Champion will be announced.

The organizer of the tour is unified and called the Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA). It is composed of an advisory board that places the goal of increasing awareness in freeride mountain biking to the world and to push it to a professional standing.

Below is the list of events considered for the FMB World Tour:

Vienna Air King, Vienna (AUT), April 10th & 11th
Dirt Masters Mongoose Slopestyle, Winterberg (GER), May 21st to 24th
26TRIX, Leogang (AUT), June 24th to 26th
Chatel Mountain Style, Chatel (FRA), July 2nd to 4th
MBUK Invitational Dirt Jump Contest at BikeRadar Live, Kent (GBR), July 10th & 11th
Claymore Challenge, Highland Mountain Park (USA),m July 15th to 17th
BIG IN BAVARIA, Munich (GER), July 22nd to 25th
Crankworx Colorado, Winter Park (USA), July 29th to August 1st
Kokanee Crankworx, Whistler (CAN), August 7th to 15th
Red Bull Rampage, Virgin, Utah

Source: Dirtmag