pinit fg en rect gray 20   Felt and Mafia Racing Team Together for 2010

felt mafia racing team together 2010   Felt and Mafia Racing Team Together for 2010

The Mafia road racing team will continue to be supported by Felt Bicycles in 2010. Since its birth in 2007, the Mafia Racing program in Colorado pushes forward to national level without losing focus on community based activities. The goal is to inspire people to reach out and be a part of the worl of arts, culture and health.

New to the team are Tristan Schouten, Kathy Sherwin and Sam Jurekovic. Tristan won the 2010 Wisconsin state cyclo-cross and is part of the top ten cyclists for the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross’ Planet Bike Cup. On the other hand, Kathy won the Utah State Cross-country race thrice. Sam was a former Under-23 National champion.

The Mafia team welcomes back three outstanding riders namely Becca Blay, Jake Wells and Seth Wealing. Jim Felt of Fel bicycles expressed his satisfaction over the program, “It’s a unique program that accomplishes a lot with both its racing results and its community outreach efforts. Felt shares those same values, and this continues to be a great partnership.”

A variety of bikes will be used by the Mafia Racing team during competition. This would range from FX series cyclo-cross bikes and mountain bikes to Nine series 29inch hardtails to the Virtue series full-suspension bikes that features the highly acclaimed Equilink rear suspension.

The Mafia team also partners with The TopShelf Lab, Human Movement Management, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Shimano, DT Swiss, Pearl Izumi, GoFast, GU Sports, Nuun, Squirt Lube, Rudy Project, Skull Candy, Silverback Music and Nooka.