pinit fg en rect gray 20   Evans Wins at Tour of New Zealand

evans win tour of new zealand   Evans Wins at Tour of New Zealand

A triumphant Shelley Evans of Team USA won the overall title at the Women’s Tour of New Zealand. Amber Neben was second place and Tiffany Cromwell got third place.

Having won four out of the six stages in the tour, Evans sped ahead of Kristy Broun, riding for Australian Institute of Sport and Joanne Kiesanowski of New Zealand. Evans took the lead to finish the 35km run in Wellington City.

Evans spoke of how it all went. The Australian team was a catalyst for them when the race began. After the dust has settled, there were only 25 riders left leading the pack. Evans and fellow teammate Amber Neben took care to keep their pace and form until the end of the race.

Neben and Evans were fourth and fifth with five laps to go. However, with only one lap to go, Neben did something remarkable. “Amber jumped and took over at the front to give me one of the best leadouts I have ever had in a criterium, dropping me off in the final turn three bike lengths ahead of Broun and Kiesanowski. I was clear for the 200m run into the finish and had time to celebrate.”

Evans singled out Neben’s act on her victory speech, “She is a true professional and a class act and I was honored to ride alongside of her this week.”