pinit fg en rect gray 20   DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

dt swiss tricon wheels   DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

DT Swiss launched the new Tricon wheelset last week in Girona, Spain. It was previously introduced in the Annual Eurobike Show in Germany last year.

Tricon or Triple Connection was a project DT Swiss started nearly ten years ago. The company began to manufacture and develop the wheels only a few years ago despite the project’s available prototypes and hub designs.

The wheels feature many interesting designs. The spoke lacing or “crow foot” as coined by DT Swiss, is a popular lacing pattern used in UK in the 70s. Tricon has one radial spoke and two crossed spokes banded together on the hub flange. They all function as one to provide maximum stiffness and torque transmission. It also has 18 spokes front and 24 rear, giving the wheels a unique design.

A three-piece shell separates the spoke tension from the bearings. This will also lower rolling resistance. The two crossed spokes are held with new Torx nipples onto the flanges.

The rim is also designed to be airtight which makes it lighter and stiffer. This will counteract any force that gets to be made by the spokes and tire.

For now, DT Swiss has one wheelset called the RR 1450 Tricon. It weighs at 1450g and is available in color white. The Tricon will be sold at £429.99 for the front wheel and £524.99 for the rear.

dt swiss tricon wheels 1   DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

dt swiss tricon wheels 2   DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

dt swiss tricon wheels 3   DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

dt swiss tricon wheels 4   DT Swiss Tricon Wheels

Source: RoadcyclingUK