pinit fg en rect gray 20   Dalby World Cup Course Open to Amateurs

dalby world cup course open to amateurs   Dalby World Cup Course Open to Amateurs

Certain sections of the Dalby World Cup course will be open for amateur mountain bikers looking to test themselves and their times against those of the pros at the eve of the British World Cup on April 24.

The 30-kilometer race, dubbed as the Dalby Dare, will be held in the afternoon of the day before the 2010 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup cross country race. Participants will get the opportunity to ride selected sections of the course that’s going to be used for the World Cup, which will include Medusa’s Drop, Worry Gill, and Dixon’s Hollow.

After these sections, the race will shift from the World Cup course onto several other Dalby trails, including a zigzagging ascent up Addersback and a speedy downhill ride down the rocky trails of Dargate Slack. Climbers will again enjoy the technical challenge of the Tom Milners Grain ascent, before navigating Peat Head Rigg and finally heading back onto the World Cup course.

The riders will be timed on their individual World Cup laps and on the overall Dalby Dare race. They will also receive some souvenirs of the event, including a t-shirt and a goodie bag.

Dalby Forest course designer Martin Vastar says that “the combination of the various trails has really come together to make a great course for Dalby Dare,” and adds that the concept of the event was to create a great variety of trails to challenge the riders. The Dalby Dare course includes singletrack ascents, rocky downhill trails, and technical climbs before crossing the World Cup finish line. As Vastar says, “It offers the perfect Dalby World Cup experience for the rider.”

Meanwhile, Nick Craig, the former British national cross-country champion, has expressed his approval of the course design, calling it “an amazing opportunity to ride the trails and test your skills on the World Cup course.” He adds that once the amateur riders have tested their skills on the course, they will realize “just how good the pro riders are.”

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