pinit fg en rect gray 20   Currie Izip Express Hybrid E Bike

currie izip express hybrid e bike   Currie Izip Express Hybrid E Bike

A combination of human and electric power for your bike? This is what Currie’s Izip Express brings to the table. Using the Evo Drive technology, this could be the future of bicycles.

The process works even if it does not seem to. The cyclist turns the hub forward right while the electric motor goes to the opposite direction, backward left. Larry Pizzie, president of Currie Technologies, explains that it is similar as to how a Prius functions to combine its electric and gas motors.

Pizzie adds, “It relies on the differential drive technology developed by Michael Kutter and his company Dolphin, and some tricky hub technology from Sturmey-Archer to pull it off.”

Evo Drive is the result of Sturney’s patented hybrid drive rear hub and Dolphin’s patented pedal-electric hybrid drive system. Sturney’s rear hub results in a dual input planetary drive that takes in human and electric power. A transmission that is used on hybrid automobiles is also used on the Dolphin’s pedal-electric system.

Feedback on how the Express runs are positive. Climbing a steep hill is a challenge but the Izip Express can maintain a 20mph speed. On flat roads, it can go as fast as 35mph as long as you keep on pedaling.

Currie hopes that the Izip Express will win both hearts and soles of cyclists.

Source: Bicycleretailer