pinit fg en rect gray 20   Colony Clone Cassette Hubs

colony clone cassette hubs   Colony Clone Cassette Hubs

Colony recently came out with a new product that signifies the vibrant personalities of every female. New clone hubs that are deemed to be in the same quality as all their products, the clone cassette hubs (female axle) are your ultimate eye candy.

The Colony Clone Cassette Hubs has a special axle design that is feminine with 14mm axle protruding into drop outs by 3mm. The aim here is to get that clean and strong look for women. It has 10mm CrMo and 17mm hex head bolts. You may use 10mm versions on the rear if you decide to run pegs on them.

The drivers have polymer bushing bearing for durability and long lasting performance. It comes with a standard 9T driver and there are RHD and LHD versions of the clone hubs. They weigh only 415 grams.

With women BMX riders as their target market, the clone cassette hubs come in colors of black, tangerine, white, red, blue and purple. They are also available in the clone cassette wheel set where rim and hub are color-matched.

colony clone cassette hubs 1   Colony Clone Cassette Hubs