pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ciocc Cycles Makes a Comeback in UK

ciocc cycles makes comeback uk   Ciocc Cycles Makes a Comeback in UK

Ciocc Cycles is the name linked to several Polish, Russian and Czech cyclists who ruled the Milk Race in the 70s and 80s in UK. The riders rode on the Italian built Ciocc bicycles.

Due to its popularity in the Milk Race, the Ciocc Cycles name spread throughout Britain. It became a favorite in the British peloton during those times and was regarded to be of the same quality status as other famous Italian frames.

30 years later, Ciocc continues to provide one of the well-built frames in the market. The Italian cognoscenti still hold the brand with high esteem. The latest line showcases some excellent framesets you can choose from. The range includes aluminium for the Mokba and San Cristobal or carbon with the Devilry and Keen Blade framesets.

Founded by O’Brien brothers Nick and Dom, Grupetto Italia is based in Chiltern Hills. It also currently imports Ciocc Cycles to give British cycling purists the chance to try a timeless classic in biking history. Dom O’Brien shares, “What’s so exciting about Ciocc is that they are still locally produced, using skills and techniques that allow for each one to be totally unique to its owner.”They also aim to give consumers of the British market an alternative than the usual high-end Italian names in bikes.

ciocc cycles makes comeback uk 1   Ciocc Cycles Makes a Comeback in UK

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