pinit fg en rect gray 20   CelticXtreme 2010 Mountain Bike Race

celticxtreme 2010 mountain bike race   CelticXtreme 2010 Mountain Bike Race

CelticXtreme 2010 is a mountain bike race from June 6 to 11. It will take place in southwest of Ireland. The organizers aim to combine different racing routes that took place in the area. It will be a long distance mtb race which will include offroad terrain.

This race will be a challenge for mountain bikers since the race was designed to test their navigational skills and their speed in making repairs if needed on each stage of the race to finish them on time. There are six stages in the race that will provide scenic beauty since the cyclists will be passing through forests, old castles, monasteries and mystical landscapes.

CelticXtreme will begin at Coillte’s Ballyhoura Mountain Park on the single track built by Daffyd Davis. The route will then go towards Mallow, mimicking Lance Armstrong’s trail in 2009 for the Tour of Ireland. The race will go past Boggeragh, Dhoire na Saggart Mountains, McGillycuddy Reeks and will end in Sneem.

There will be a 12,000ft ascent and 11,000ft downhill. The race calls on to anyone who thinks they are up to the challenge of a 425km race that will test their skills and drive in mountain biking. The competition is also open for teams.