pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Planning to Move ONBike Commuter Into Production

cannondale planning to move onbike commuter into production   Cannondale Planning to Move ONBike Commuter Into Production

Bike manufacturer Cannondale has announced in its blog that their conceptual commuter bike called the Jackknife will now be going into production as the ONBike. The Jackknife concept bike was a stunner when it was introduced a few years ago, sporting the single-sided fork technology from Cannondale and eliminating the need for a rear triangle in the process.

Cannondale previously had no plans of going into production with its conceptual urban commuter, but due to “overwhelming support and interest”, the company is now moving its conceptual design into production as the ONBike. However, there will only be 250 ONBikes slated for production, with each unit individually numbered.

What makes the ONBike design so special? Well, this urban commuter boasts of a unique drivetrain system that incorporates an enclosed casing with a connecting beam to the bottom bracket and rear wheel. This is built into one side of the bike and replaces the rear triangle of the bike, becoming an actual part of the bicycle’s structure itself, while the bike’s SRAM 9-speed internal hub is operated by the usual chain-and-cog system. And of course, this is a fully-folding bike.

The chainguard serves to protect your clothes from getting dirty while pedalling, as well as protecting the gearing system and chain from dirt and water. The cabling system is also internally routed through the frame, and the bike maintains its one-sided design philosophy by using a HeadShok Solo 50mm front suspension fork.

Potential buyers can only order the ONBike in one color: matte black. You will need to contact the nearest Cannondale dealer if you want one, although there is still no set price tag available as of press time.

Image courtesy of Cannondale