pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cane Creek 44mm Headset Solution

cane creek 44mm headset solution   Cane Creek 44mm Headset Solution

Cane Creek sought to find a headset solution that will allow use of a tapered steerer fork in a standard ZeroStack. A humble custom frame builder from Portland, Oregon named Sean Chaney, approached Cane Creek with a simple yet brilliant headset idea.

Chaney came to David Turner, owner of Turner Bicycles with his idea. He asked advice as to who would be interested to become partners with him and work his idea from paper to something tangible. Turner thought of Cane Creek, being one of the companies who are willing to take risks and encourage innovative ideas.

They approached Josh Coaplen, director of research and development in Cane Creek. Coaplen was impressed by Chaney’s solution. “The headset bottom is simply a 1.5-inch traditional with a 44 millimeter diameter insertion sleeve that fits a frame using the ZeroStack standard.”, he said. Coaplen also expressed his excitement over the idea because it can be applicable to both old and new bicycles using the ZeroStack standard.

Soon to be release in mid-summer of this year, the headset already has a tentative name, the XX 44mm Traditional bottom headset. It fits tapered steerer tube fork (1.5 inch to 1-1/8 inch) in a 1-1/8 inch ZeroStack frame. The headset appeals to cyclists who would want to improve their performance with the increased stiffness it brings when used.

Cane Creek will also release a high-end version of Chaney’s XX 44mm Traditional, with features like the company’s 110 XX headset.