pinit fg en rect gray 20   Campagnolo Test 11 Demo Program

campagnolo test 11 demo program   Campagnolo Test 11 Demo Program

To keep abreast of the competition at the current OEM market, Campagnolo unveils a new demo program at a global level. The goal is to reach customers who use only Shimano or SRAM gears and to give them the option to choose through the company’s own products.

Several test bikes will be carrying different kinds of Campagnolo 11 speed drivetrains and 2-Way Fit clincher wheels. The products are flexible for use with your conventional tube-type or tubeless road tyres.

Public Relations manager Lerj Piazza observed Campagnolo’s market standing in the US. “We’re very strong in the aftermarket but it isn’t easy to test a Campagnolo-equipped bike in the US because OEM is almost all Shimano or SRAM due to pricing,” he said.

Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg are already testing the Campagnolo Test 11 program from February until May. UK and US/Canada are also included with the cyclists using the test bikes until June and July, respectively.

Piazza adds that they will be adding more locations for the program. You may check the updates on this at Campagnolo’s website at