pinit fg en rect gray 20   Build Your Own Dutch Bike for $399   Republic Bike

build your own dutch bike for 399   Build Your Own Dutch Bike for $399   Republic Bike

Republic Bike introduces a novel concept for a classic product to the enthusiastic lovers of high-quality bicycles with its build-your-own Dutch city bike offering. The bike is called Plato, and you can have it for only $399.00.

Dutch bikes are famous for their quality, both in the building of the bike and the ride itself. If you have ever wanted to ride your very own Dutch bike but have been frustrated by the rather high prices being asked for, then this is the chance you have been waiting for to enjoy a world-renowned classic.

Buyers have the option to customize their bikes before delivery. However, the term “customize” may be a bit of a misnomer here, since the only customizing you’ll ever do is for the colors. You cannot change any hardware here, so if you’ve ever dreamt of owning a 21-speed Dutch city bike with a bamboo frame and TT aerobars, you’ll have to keep on dreaming.

You can adjust the seating height, though, and the manufacturer assures us that it will fit riders from 5′ 2″ up to 5′ 11″ in height. The overall look of the bike is very traditional Dutch indeed, with a high riding, upright seating position.

Like I said, the current “pimping up” options are only available for the paint job, but I visited their website at and still had a lot of fun picking the colors for each part of the bike. Customers can choose from a wide variety of paint colors for the frame, as well as mixing or matching colors for the accessories, such as the saddle, grips, chaincase, tires, and the rear wheel skirt.

I tried my hand at customizing my own Plato bike at the Republic website, and this is what I came up with:

plato bike customized   Build Your Own Dutch Bike for $399   Republic Bike
The colors I used here are brown for the saddle seat, grips, and skirt, with ivory for the chaincase and frame, and all-black tires.

When you’ve finished painting your Plato city bike, you can order it from the manufacturer, but expect to wait for at least a week or so before you can actually get your hands on the bike. And before I forget, ordering the Plato bike is on a first-come, first-served basis only.

The Plato city bike weighs in at around 40 lbs fully assembled, with the majority of the weight coming from the Hi-Ten steel frame and fork. The handlebars, seat post, seat tube and wheels are alloy, and the pedals, skirt, and chaincase are PVC.

It comes equipped with standard cargo racks for both the front and rear wheels, plus a Shimano front hub brake and a rear coaster brake, and it is only available as a singlespeed model.

Images courtesy of Republic Bike