pinit fg en rect gray 20   Baumann Bows Out of Race to Recover

baumann bows out race recover   Baumann Bows Out of Race to Recover

Eric Baumann is bound to take eight weeks off out of the competition after being injured at the Beverbeek Classic on Saturday. He went for a fractured tibia surgical procedure that required immediate repair as announced by the German Continental Squad NetApp.

At the near finish of the Belgian event, the German sprinter endured a displacement and fracture of the right tibial head after a crash. He was immediately brought to Aachen Clinic in Germany where his injury was stabilized with a metal plate.

NetApp Sports Director Jens Heppner considers it as an unfortunate incident. He believes that if everything goes as plan, Baumann would be doing light training on a stationary bike at 80 watts max in the next 10 days. Baumann will be staying at Aachen Clinic for at least a week before going home to Leipzig, Germany.

With Baumann out of the race, NetApp’s dream of winning their first victory appears to be elusive as they have recently joined the professional peloton. The squad will race at the Tour of Murcia on Wednesday where they hope to give their Pro Tour rivals a stiffer competition during the 5 stage event.

Team NetApp is composed of the following cyclists:
Cesare Benedetti of Italy
Nico Keinath, Andreas Schillinger, Timon Seubert of Germany
Daniel Schorn of Austria
Huub Duyn of Netherlands
Jan Barta of Czech Repubic