pinit fg en rect gray 20   Arnette Takes On Kachinsky and Morrow

arnette takes on kachinsky morrow   Arnette Takes On Kachinsky and Morrow

Brian Kachinsky and Ty Morrow are the new members of Arnette’s BMX squad. Joining Rob Darden and Corey Martinez, both riders are pleased to be part of the team.

Brian hails from Wisconsin but now resides in Chicago. In the pro BMX scene, the twenty-eight year old is known for his genuine smiles and humble personality. Although, once he is on his bike, Brian becomes a wild animal you can’t tame. He shows his talent by doing outstanding jumps on parks and street spots. He is also a favorite by sponsors like DK Bicycle, System Cycle, Etnies, Action Village, go211, 661 and CTi.

Ty Morrow of Greenville is a graceful giant who can blow you away with his amazing balls-to-the-wall riding. Only nineteen years old, Ty has already made a name for himself in the BMX scene. He debuted at the X games last summer and won silver on the BMX Street for his effortless talent in link tricks. Ty also represents Federal Bikes, Staff BMX, Vans and Deadline.

Arnette carries the image of being a youth-driven company. With its radical designs on eyewear products, it hopes to be the brand you trust whether your game is in snow, wake, surf, BMX and skate.