pinit fg en rect gray 20   Armstrong Races at Milan San Remo

lance armstrong race milan san remo   Armstrong Races at Milan San Remo

RCS Sport, organizers of the Milan-San Remo race, has confirmed that Lance Armstrong will be part of Team Radioshack’s list of participants for this Saturday’s event. The team will be joining the 200-rider peloton for the Italian Classic.

It is sort of a comeback for Armstrong. Giro d’Italia is another RCS Sport that he joined in 2009 to prepare himself for the Tour de France.

RCS Sport Director Angelo Zomegnan and Armstrong had an encounter on the ninth stage in 2009’s Giro. There was a peloton protest for that stage, claiming it was a dangerous circuit. Some riders claimed that Armstrong was behind the boycott and Zomegnan did not hide his displeasure over the “older riders” protesting with Armstrong.

Armstrong will not be joining the Giro d’Italia this year for he will be competing in the Tour of California. The latter will take effect on same month as with the Italian Grand Tour due to a date change from February to May.

The first European race Armstrong joined this season was Spain’s Tour of Murcia. The Milan-San Remo race will be his second. He finished seventh overall on the Tour of Murcia.

The rest of Team Radioshack for the Milan-San Remo race are Daryl Impey, Markel Irizar Aranburu, Geoffroy Lequatre, Dmitriy Muravyev, Grégory Rast and Sébastien Rosseler.