pinit fg en rect gray 20   500% Increase for Demand of Budget Bikes

500 increase for demand budget bikes   500% Increase for Demand of Budget Bikes

When top designer Mark Sanders mentioned that the market is too focused on getting expensive and high-end bikes to the public, the resounding result is an unexpected rise on sales of budget folding bikes.

UK retailers Argos claims that there has been a 500 percent increase on demand of budget folding bikes. This is in comparison to last year’s sales. They believe that the trend shall continue to increase and spread due to two main factors. The first one is the rise of fuel costs which pushes commuters to choose riding a bike instead of the car and the second is the good weather forecasts that inspires cyclists to go for the greener solution instead.

Overall, the most sold bike they have is the Challenge Folding City 6 Gear bike. It has a six speed Shimano gearing, V-brakes and a rear luggage rack where you can put your groceries, bags and other stuff you carry. It also only costs £99.99.

A buyer of Argos, Jamie Wilby comments on the popularity of the folding bikes, “As people struggle to afford to fill up their vehicles, these folding bikes have emerged as the ideal car alternative.”

The bikes also have the feature of convenience. It is easy to store and carry onto commuter trains and buses. It also promotes financial savings for the cyclists as well as health benefits. With all these advantages, the future brings a possibility of budget bikes as a better option to cars.