pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Pan Am Championships Ready To Serve More Delegates

2010 pan am championships ready serve delegates   2010 Pan Am Championships Ready To Serve More Delegates

The Pan American Mountain Bike Championships is expecting an increase on this year’s attendance. 21 delegations have given their confirmation for the event on April 7 to 11 in Guatemala. The PanAm serves as the Continental Championships in North America as well as its neighbors in the South and Central America.

The course for the cross-country, downhill and four cross races are now complete. It is ready to accept the brunt of competing cyclists. The course for cross-country was tested recently by local racers. The route is 4 miles long.

Assigned by UCI, the commissioners for the race are Ludwig Johanssen, Josee Bedard and Simon Burney. Johanssen will oversee anti-doping campaigns with 36 anti-doping control stations for the event. Bedard will be heading up the panel of commissioners and Burney is the technical delegate.

The race headquarters will be located at the Hotel and Conference Center Conquistador. This is where technical meetings, accreditation and registration will be held.

Arrival of the delegates and teams are expected to be during the first few days of April.