pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Leons World Fastest Triathlon

2010 leons world fastest triathlon   2010 Leons World Fastest Triathlon

The Leon’s Triathlon which is billed to be the world’s fastest triathlon will happen on June 6, 2010. Registration for the event is open until June 5.

The triathlon took a 15-year hiatus and it’s now back with an Olympic-distance race. Leon Wolek, race organizer, assures the spectators that the race will be very fast but will provide them a good view from the park. “I think people are just going to be amazed at how much they’ll be able to see from the park,” said Wolek.

There’s a $20 discount for the online registration which you can avail until April 10. A lottery of a Trek bike and other prizes are also at stake. The 2010 edition will feature a portion of the course on a six-lane highway. Media coverage is expected.

The Leon’s Triathlon will have all its events to begin and end at Wolf Lake Park. The race will begin at 8am. There are only 1350 slots available. Entry fees would vary depending whether you are a USAT member or not. For more information, visit

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