pinit fg en rect gray 20   2010 Cyclepassion Calendar

2010 cyclepassion calendar   2010 Cyclepassion Calendar

It may be almost three months late but Cyclepassion’s 2010 calendar is something you wouldn’t want to miss. It features women athletes in the cycling sport. It showcases world class female riders photographed in a setting you don’t normally see them in. It has been likened much to a Sports Illustrated photo shoot but with your favorite women cyclists.

The calendar will be featuring cyclists Sabine Spitz from Germany who is the reigning Mountain Bike Marathon World Champion. She is also an Olympic cross-country gold medalist and places fifth overall in World Cup 2009.

Another athlete in the calendar is Lene Byberg of Norway. She placed fourth overall in the World Cup last season and she won the XC during the 2009 World Cup in Bromont, Canada. She is also the silver medalist for last year’s MTB at Canberra, Australia.

From France, woman athlete Julie Krasniak is included. She is a top-50 World Cup cross-country racer. Finally, there’s Steffi Marth of Germany, who was 2009’s 4-cross national champion. For the complete list of the female riders in the calendar, just visit