pinit fg en rect gray 20   Zabriskie Ready for Garmin Transitions

zabriskie ready for garmin transitions   Zabriskie Ready for Garmin Transitions

Garmin-Transitions’ Dave Zabriskie says he is more mature and is looking forward to the upcoming Tour of California and Tour De France this 2010. He accomplished the first stage of his career at last year’s victory in Tour of Missouri which came after winning his four in a row title of the US national time trial championships.

Those period of winnings has been really momentous for a shy and humble man with a stunning ten year career that wins the stages of all three Grand Tours. But now, together with his manager Jonathan Vaughters, he now believes he is more confident and comfortable to take up a role of a leader. He plans on treating his teammates just as the same way as he wanted to be treated himself, he says, and mentions that he is the type who does not want to be told what to do.

This leadership approach that he sought to try will be tested and proven with this year’s Tour of California moving to May instead of its usual slot in February. He finished second to Levi Leiphiemer last year but he is more positive now that he can do the race in his best form and maintain it until the Tour de France in July starts.

Along with his diet and self-esteem, his manager thinks that it would help a lot if Zabriskie would bring in some improvements to his racing style, too. He says that Zabriskie was not the type who does not concentrate on staying at the front of the group of racers during competitions.