pinit fg en rect gray 20   Theo Bos Looks for Success on the Road

theo bos looks for success on the road   Theo Bos Looks for Success on the Road

Theo Bos has already made a name for himself in track racing, but now he is looking forward to enjoying similar successes on his transition from the boards to the road.

The Dutch rider has won almost everything there is to be won in track, except for Olympic gold, and he is not waiting until the 2012 London Summer Games. Bos says that the time was right for him to switch to road racing, and that he has always wanted to try his skills on the road, anyway.

“The track didn’t hold any secrets for me,” says Bos. “The only thing I couldn’t win was an Olympic gold medal… I am still young enough to have a good chance (on the road).”

Last year, however, was not a good start for Theo Bos. 2009 was his first year off the boards, but despite racking up a dozen victories in his inaugural year, it seems that Bos’ 2009 season will be remembered mostly for being involved in a controversial crash with Daryl Impey during the Tour of Turkey. Impey was the race leader at that time.

Accidents are commonplace during races, but what made this one particularly memorable (and infamous) was that Bos had taken his hands off the handlebars of his bike; something which should never be done during a bunch sprint. The UCI suspended him for one month after the incident.

In his defense, however, it must be considered that Bos’ riding skills was born and bred on the track, where racing conditions were totally different. For one thing, brakes were not used on the boards, and it was common to see a lot of pushing and shoving going on among the competitors.

For his part, the Dutch rider says that the incident is now “a closed book”, and that he wants to look forward to the future, not on the past. Bos adds that he has also contacted Daryl Impey, and that “It’s a closed book for him as well.”

Bos has transferred to Team Cervelo from Rabobank, and he’ll be seeing action for the first time under his new team at this year’s Tour of Qatar. The team’s focus on sprinting played a major role in the switch, says Bos. He explains that he was happy at Rabobank, who was his sponsor on the track, but that he wanted to race on a team that had a solid spinting base.

Theo Bos hopes to improve his sprinting on the road, much like Mark Cavendish, the British cycling star who also had extensive racing experience on the tracks before moving on to become a legendary sprinter.

“Right now he can beat me with one leg,” says Bos. “I hope to challenge him in the future.”

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