pinit fg en rect gray 20   Team Sky Bus

team sky bus   Team Sky Bus

You may have seen a small glimpse of the new Team Sky Bus, but now we have a few more pictures of the outside and inside. Team principal Dave Brailsford told head of transport Gwilym Evans what he wanted for the Team Sky Bus in June, but Evans wanted to raise the bar for the team, and show us something we have never seen in pro cycling. After 9,000 hours and about four months, the Team Sky Bus was done. At a first glance, the outside features Team Sky colors, but overall looks like a normal bus, until you step on board. Some of the highlights are nine leather seats with gadgets and space, holding team issued iPhones and Macbooks, projector and rolling screen are located at the front of the bus, mood lighting system to enhance the team members focus, shower and fully functional bathroom, massage area and meeting room, and built in washing machines. While the team will use the bus to travel, I am sure some of us wouldn’t mind living in it.

team sky bus 1   Team Sky Bus

team sky bus 2   Team Sky Bus