pinit fg en rect gray 20   Stybar Wins Superprestige in Vorselaar

stybar wins superprestige in vorselaar   Stybar Wins Superprestige in Vorselaar

UCI World Cup champion Zdenek Stybar gets one over rival Niels Albert as he wins the overall 2010 Superprestige title, also breaking Sven Nys’ winning streak of seven straight victories in the process.

The circuit in Belgium had its share of snow and frigid temperatures that is currently blasting the cycling events in Europe at this time of the season, but Stybar and Albert nevertheless succeeded in putting on a fierce and exciting contest all throughout the race, one that seemed to reflect the intense rivalry between the two cyclocross stars.

Stybar and Niels have been waging their war of skill and pride against each other since last season, where they engaged in a racing rivalry for podium finishes and championships. This season is no different, as both riders are currently tied in the overall classification even before the Superprestige event.

Zdenel Stybar had also acknowledged his rival’s accomplishments, saying that Albert had already “earned” a Superprestige title for himself, based upon the accompishments that his rival had achieved early in the season. However, Stybar also made it clear enough that he was not planning on just giving the title away without making Albert fight for it.

As the race started, it was clear that the fight was on indeed, not only for the two rivals, but for the entire group of racers. It was a touch-and-go affair from the very beginning of the race, as the riders had to battle each other in the snowy and slippery course.

However, the battle had taken its toll on the rest of the bunch as the final lap neared, and only Albert was seen tearing up towards the finish line with Stybar close behind him.

The Czech cyclist managed to close the gap between them and the two engaged in a side-by-side duel down the closing turns of the race. Stybar managed to overtake his opponent, however, and it was too late for Albert to recover as he sat up and watched the UCI world champion cross the finish line for the Superprestige title and his second championship for this season.