pinit fg en rect gray 20   Spiuk Daggon Helmet

spiuk daggon helmet   Spiuk Daggon Helmet

Spiuk came out with the Daggon helmet to answer the demand for a contemporary look with a hint of aggressive style. The helmet, which was launched in 2008, was tested by pros from AG2R and Agritubel teams. The Daggon is in line with current helmet trends with its 27 vents incorporated to provide effective ventilation for the user.

The helmet is made with reinforced carbon-fibre and expanded polystyrene. This provides an impact resistant quality for the Spiuk Daggon. The inner structure which is lined with the high performance polymer makes it more durable and provides better protection for the rider.

Comfortable to use, Spiuk conducted research to perfect the helmet’s head shape from studies on anthroprometry and cranial morphology. Having such knowledge, they used this to tighten the CompactFix retention system and applied it on the Daggon. The helmet comes in size S-M for heads measuring 51cm to 57cm and size M-L for heads that measure 56cm to 61cm.

Adjusting the Daggon for a tight fit can be made with its inner straps that have a simple clip and a chinstrap that goes with an anti-insect net for protection.

The Spiuk Daggon comes in choices of Blue/White, Red/White/ Grey/Silver and White colours.