pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano AM40 Power Flat Shoes

shimano am40 power flat shoes   Shimano AM40 Power Flat Shoes

The latest flat shoes that have come to challenge other brands is the Shimano AM40. The flat shoes are custom-made for BMX, Freeride and All-Mountain riding. The soles are made from the compound Vibram. It acts similarly to that of a Five Ten Stealth Rubber. What makes the AM40 different from it is the protective qualities of the Velcro flap it has. This repels water and mud from sipping into the shoe’s laced area. It may not be so trendy, however it is the most effective and appropriate flat pedal shoe in the cycling world today.

The Shimano AM40 is made with upper supports which secures the ankles and freeing it dirt, mud and water. It also has a specially designed sole-stiffness setting provided for by the Modular insole system. It is custom made to be comfortable, tough with a full lace closure system to secure the upper construction.

Safety is paramount when it comes to cycling. The Shimano AM40 has reflective detailing on the heel to keep you as visible as possible while riding through darkened areas or in dimly lit conditions. With its safety, comfort and durability, the AM40 is top of the heap on cycling footwear.