pinit fg en rect gray 20   Santa Cruz Bike Festival on Pro Women Riders

santa cruz bike festival pro women riders   Santa Cruz Bike Festival on Pro Women Riders

February 27, 2010 marks the start of the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival. Sponsoring the festival with the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz are FOX Racing Show, Trailhead Cyclery, Gamut USA, Lights and Motion , Black Market Racing, and Barry Swenson Builder. The two day even which will close the 28th is also supported by local bike shops like The Bicycle Trip and Bike Station Aptos.

This year’s event is highly anticipated by many due to the fact that it features top women bicycle riders. The movie Awesome Land-Women of Dirt will also premiere on those dates. This is quite exciting because the movie focuses on cyclists like Kathy Pruitt, Lisa Myklak, Tammy Donahugh and Emily Johnston.

Activities on the opening day are open group rides through the Soquel Demonstration Forest and Demo Day on the Bike Station Aptos area. The next day would be Jump Jam, where the female riders shown on the film will showcase their riding prowess to the public.

The movie premiere will take place at 7pm at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz. There will be a raffle with tickets that cost $1 plus the paparazzi for the bike celebrities. The featured female cyclists, the movie’s director Mark Brent and moderator Karen Kefauver will be there to grace the red carpet. After the film showing, Karen Kefaver and Mark Brent will hold a panel interview regarding the movie.

Myklak comments, “This film is the first of its kind and I’m honored to be a part of it, I have a feeling it won’t be long before the riding in it becomes dated, though. Women will see it and start stepping it up all over the world…. My only hope is that the industry figures it out. They’re the ones that are lagging now. And if they don’t step it up soon, they’ll be the ones holding women back in our sport.”.

Source: BikeMag