pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rocky Mounts TieRod Bike Rack

rocky mounts tierod bike rack   Rocky Mounts TieRod Bike Rack

As most cyclists know, finding the right bike rack is not easy. Aside from having to look hard for the appropriate bike rack, you might need to buy additional accessories to make it fit your car or truck, snuggly.

RockyMounts have recently come out with their new TieRod bike rack with a promise that it fits 100% of factory crossbars. Taking the feedback most bikers have given over bike racks, they aimed to create a one-size-fits-all fork mount and they succeeded.

Bobby Noyes, founder and president of RockyMounts, thought that it would not be possible but surprisingly it was. The solution is having rubber coated stainless straps that can be adjusted to fit factory crossbars easily.

With flashy colours, RockyMounts makes the TieRod bike racks with a solid metal head to accommodate factory elliptical crossbars. Noyes proudly announced, “We hit the nail on the head. It is form fitting and mates really well with both the shape of modern cars and their factory rack systems.”

Retail price for the TieRod Bike Rack is $119.95.

Source: Singletrack