pinit fg en rect gray 20   POC Spine Vest Back Protector

poc spine vest back protector   POC Spine Vest Back Protector

POC recently designed a lightweight body protector for your spine and back that promises to be durable and strong when you get into a tumble or fall. The POC Spine VPD Vest Back Protector is made from a new compound that is specifically designed to absorb shock better than any material used in body armours. This compound is called visco-elastic polymer dough. It works to absorb shock and adapts itself to the force of the impact. This, in turn, will lessen damage inflicted to the rider.

Some riders abhor wearing body armours because they are bulky and not all the time, can truly offer good protection when they take a spill on the road or get into an accident. POC created this body vest to be light yet strong enough to withstand force. The density of the compound will not hinder movement but can still provide needed protection over the back and spinal column.

Coated with a layer of multi-impact EPP, the body vest retains energy absorbing qualities and can easily be adjusted with its waist-band system. You may also opt not to wear the vest with the waistband.

This is truly a marriage of quality protection and comfort.

Source: DirtMag