pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Women Racing League Launched

new women racing league launched   New Women Racing League Launched

The new London Women’s Cycle Racing is launched by London women cyclists for the purpose of encouraging more females to get involved in the world of cycling. This setup was made to work on the race levels participated by women and the fair chance to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

LWCR group coordinator Maria David says, “The LWCR League renders all women to have equal opportunity on having fun with cycling as it improves not only their skills on track but their health as well.” The team was gladly welcomed by the rest of the other cycling communities all around the globe.

Most of the other organizations think that LWCR renders a great way for women to race in a friendlier ambiance and get to race farther and speedier. It is believed to tie more races together and see more women bond more in the spirit of cycling. There will be a total of 10 cycle clubs which will support the initial year of the league and they are still currently opening their doors to more affiliates.

They encourage potential partners and affiliates to utilize the league’s logo to spread their intention and commitment worldwide and at the same time attract more female members. There will be 12 events all the way from March to August organized by the league.