pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Look for 2010 Pisgah MTB Race

new look for 2010 pisgah mtb race   New Look for 2010 Pisgah MTB Race

The second edition of the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race is featuring early schedules and an additional day of racing for this season.

The inaugural event of the Pisgah MTB Race was held in October last year, at the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. However, as race promoter Todd Branham points out, “I found out that people shift to cyclo-cross around October. In September, it seems like people are still doing longer events.”

Branham added that they have also talked with the town representatives in Brevard, which is hosting the race, and decided that a September schedule would be more to their liking. For this year, the MTB stage race will be held from September 14 to 18.

“September is a shoulder season,” said Branham. “I was under the impression that all the seasonal trails near us were limited to open up on October 15, but that wasn’t the case. The town wants us to make the race bigger.” This is probably a result of his own work to promote the annual stage race as a tourist attraction for the town, and as Branham himself says, “They are finally getting it – there is tourism potential.”

Two stages will still start in the same location as lst year, but Branham says that he would also like to see the opening stage start and end in the town. There will also be an additional day which will feature at least 50 miles of MTB racing. These changes reflect the feedback that the race organizers have received from the riders themselves.

Apparently, the riders are looking for more racing and more trails than what the inaugural event provided them last year. A lot more competitors are expected to be seen on the starting line this year, and the prize money has also been given a boost.