pinit fg en rect gray 20   Moolman Pasio Continues Winning Streak

moolman pasio continues winning streak   Moolman Pasio Continues Winning Streak

Ashley Moolman Pasio of Team Biogen Toyota seems to be unstoppable so far as she constinues to extend her winning streak to four straight victories, with her newest title captured in the Ninety Niner event last weekend.

The female cyclist had previously won the Pick n Pay The Star Fast One, the Berge en Dale Super Classic and the VW EP Herald Classic events. This year, the Ninenty Niner race’s distance was increased from 99 km to 108 km and held in a slightly different course.

The race started with the Elite women joining the Veteran men’s group and has splitted during the climb barely before the 100 km point. Mollman Pasio, together with teammate Annette Schoeman, lead the race in reaching the summit beating Swedish national champion Jennie Stenerhag of Alpha Pharm.

Stenerhag was able to catch up during the descent, but was not able to keep up with the front riders during the last stretch that evolved into a tough climb up to the finish line.

Race results:

1 Ashleigh Moolman Pasio (Biogen Toyota, RSA) 2hr54min53sec
2 Anriette Schoeman (Biogen Toyota, RSA) 2:55:08
3 Jenny Stenerhag (Alpha Pharm, SWE) 2:55:31
4 Yolandi du Toit (Bizhub, RSA) 2:55:52
5 Lise Olivier (Natro, RSA) 2:56:21
6 Catherine Williamson (Bizhub, ENG) 2:56:21
7 Jade Roberts(Bizhub, RSA) 2:56:43
8 Jennifer Hohl (Bizhub, SUI) 2:57:02
9 Heletjie van Staden (RSA) 2:58:28