pinit fg en rect gray 20   Meares Returns to Race at Revolution 6

meares returns race revolution 6   Meares Returns to Race at Revolution 6

After having a much needed rest, Anna Meares will return to race on Saturday evening’s Revolution 6 in Melbourne, Australia. Due to fatigue from her intense workout, she was advised to take a break and recover so she can join the UCI World Track Championships next month.

Meares’ sprint champion and teammate Kaarle McCulloch will be joining her on Revolution 6. McCulloch marks the Revolution 6 race as part of her training for the championships in Copenhagen, Denmark. Earlier this month, the amazing McCulloch won four gold medals at the Australian Track Championships in Adelaide, South Australia.

Emily Rosemond will be joining Meares and McCulloch to compete with the Under 19 men this weekend for the sprint race. With the likes of Jaron Gardiner, Aaron Cooper and Nathan Corrigan-Martella in the contest, it will be a sight to watch and to find out who will emerge victorious over this seemingly battle of the sexes event.

To represet New Zealand, bikers Shane Archbold, Myron Simpson, Tom Scully and Hayden Godfrey will be there. This will be the first race Godfrey will race after the Beijing world Track and his unfortunate accident. Similar to Meares, the two riders hopes to show the world how they fared and recovered from their recent setbacks.