pinit fg en rect gray 20   Marianne Vos Gets Championship at Tabor

marianne vos gets championship at tabor   Marianne Vos Gets Championship at Tabor

Marianne Vos pedaled her way to a clear-cut victory at the 2010 Cyclocross World Championship at Tabor to earn her third worlds title. The Dutch cyclist managed to get an early lead past Hanka Kupfernagel of Germany and compatriot Daphny Van Den Brand (the UCI World Cup winner) to secure the victory. Kupfernagel and Van Den Brand finished second and third, respectively.

The frozen course at Tabor proved to be no hindrance to Vos, as she flew past her opponents and found herself racing solo for most of the race. Kupfernagel similarly enjoyed a strong finish, while Van Den Brand had to fight off attacks from behind to hold on to the third spot.

Katerina Nash was actually the favorite to win the event, but was unfortunately involved in a pileup while going through the first corner. She put on a valiant effort to move up the peloton, but failed to catch Van Den Brand for the final podium finish.

The Americans finished strongly, if not impressively. Meredith Miller finished in front of her teammates at 12th, while Amy Dombroski got the 14th spot, and Katie Compton dropped out after just one lap. Compton’s decision to race in the Worlds was ill-advised, since she was already feeling pain from leg cramps even before the race.