pinit fg en rect gray 20   Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

innovative helmet prevents rotational head dangers   Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

A cyclists knows that a head injury is a serious thing because it can be fatal. If not, major head trauma that may result to brain damage. To counter this, a new helmet was invented that mimics the human head and how it works to lessen any injury to the head. The new helmet aims to decrease the impact of rotational injuries that riders may encounter.

The Phillips Head Protection System evolutionized the design for the helmet by adding an anti-rotational synthetic membrane known as SuperSkin. It is scratch resistant and can stretch up to 8 times its size. The gel-like substance is layered over the helmet and is coated inside as well. Similar to POC’s Cortex DH helmet, the goal is to protect the rider from head injuries by copying how your scalp functions against the skull when you experience a blow to the head, tumble or fall.

The goal is to lessen the friction when a crash occurs. A reduction of the rotational movement in the skull with the use of the newly developed head gear is in process when such an incident ensues. The rotational movement which causes the tearing of blood vessels and nerve fibers is 67.5 percent lower thereby preventing serious head injuries and the risk of intracerebral shearing.

If added on a bicycle helmet, it would weigh 50g. The downside would be that it won’t be available for multi-vented road and cross-country helmet because of its small surface capacity.

Dr. Ken Phillips of PHPS intends for the progressive innovation of the helmet to be employed as one of the necessary protective gear for all cyclists and even available as added protective accessories for the safety of children. The cycle version will be released within a year as the demand for it is inevitable.

innovative helmet prevents rotational head dangers 1   Innovative Helmet Prevents Rotational Head Dangers

Source: Phillips Helmets