pinit fg en rect gray 20   Iceman Cometh Changes Categories and Waves

iceman cometh changes categories and waves   Iceman Cometh Changes Categories and Waves

The organizers of the Iceman Cometh Challenge have announced that they are making necessary changes to the race categories and starting waves for this year’s event. Apparently, the changes mentioned are geared towards fixing some problems that were encountered by last year’s participants, particularly the complaints about traffic jams.

With over 4,000 riders last year, problems like these are bound to happen. Iceman promoter Steve Brown has already emailed the participants from 2009, informing them that this year’s race categories will be organized solely by age, as opposed to the 2009 event where the categories were based both on age and ability.

The starting waves for this year will also be based according to the previous year’s time. However, the junior men and women’s categories, as well as the MYC scholarship classes, and the pro men’s and women’s categories will not be changed this year.

The event organizers have studied the race results from last year, finding out that approximately 25% of the riders had been racing in a completely different ability level from where they actually should have been riding. This means that these riders had dropped off their respective waves and were caught up by the later waves of racers.

Steve Brown says that this happens when riders may feel like testing themselves against faster competitors, or perhaps wanting to avoid traffic in the bigger waves. In any case, a large group of riders had been racing at least one level above where they actually belong.

This year, the time crietria for the starting waves will be arranged according to the 2009 race times, and is expected to be determined by October. The organizers are also making sure that each wave will have riders of different age classes.

This new arrangement may ensure that the participants will be riding among others that are all in the same level of skill and speed, but may also cause some problems for riders that would want to race with those of the same age class as them.