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helmet lock   Helmet Lock

Most people use U-Locks on their bikes. Oddly enough, helmets have holes in them but the holes are not designed to allow the U-Lock to fit through. That leaves you the hassle of carrying around your helmet. Well you are not alone with this problem. And an inventor named Blake Mills has come up with a solution.

Blake Mills has created his own Helmet Lock. It is a wire covered vinyl loop that is inserted through a hole on the helmet and is easily connected to the U-Lock. Blake said, “I actually found myself riding more often and enjoying myself more after solving this simple little problem. And now I want to solve it for you too!” Available for order at the website for $12.95. It’s more than just a piece of wire. Let us give credit to the inventor for taking time to tackle a problem with a simple solution that no one else would take time for.

helmet lock 1   Helmet Lock

helmet lock 2   Helmet Lock

Source: Treehugger