pinit fg en rect gray 20   Halliday Falls on Tour of New Zealand

halliday falls tour of new zealand   Halliday Falls on Tour of New Zealand

Amber Halliday’s debut with last year’s Tour of New Zealand took everyone by surprise. The professional rower won the 125 kilometer stage to Admiral Hill on her own. It was a momentous victory for her since it was her first International Cycling Union road race.

After a collision with Japanese Mayuko Hagiware of Japan National Team, Amber Halliday will have to forfeit the chance to win the 11 kilometre individual time trial at the Women’s Tour of New Zealand. The accident happened on the second stage of the race while both female riders are on the descent. Halliday planned to wear her green, gold and white jersey and win the race which she won last year.

Halliday was thought to have a a broken collarbone but reports confirmed she suffered a humerus fracture and a dislocated shoulder. There were also some skin abrasions and angry bruises that came from the crash. These were acquired when the two women plunged towards the bottom of the descent and a white line on the wet roads were encountered along the way. They were but 12 kilometres from the finish line when this unfortunate incident occurred.