pinit fg en rect gray 20   FOX Racing and GT Bicycles forge a MTB Team

fox racing and gt bicycles forge a mtb team   FOX Racing and GT Bicycles forge a MTB Team

FOX Racing and GT Bicycles forged a new partnership for 2010. Their new partnership marks the start of a successful merger in the land of competitive mountain bike racing.

Excited and thrilled over the new turn of events, the riders under the FOX banner are:

  • Marc Beaumont-placed 5th on 2008 World Cup Downhill in Canada
  • Andrew Cho-placed 4th on the 2009 Ranchstyle Slopestyle
  • Kevin Aiello-placed 2nd on the 2009 Fontana National Men’s Elite Downhill
  • Eric Carter-placed 1st on the 2009 4X World Championships
  • Mick Hannah-placed 2nd on the 2009 South Africa World Cup

FOX Racing also reaffirms its support for the Giant MTB Team. The DH team is comprised of Jared Rando, who placed 5th on the DH Australian MTB Championships 2008, Duncan Riffle and Danny Hart, who took 3rd place on the 2009 Junior DH World Championships. Other riders on the team also supported by FOX are Adam Craig, Oli Beckingsale, Carl Decker, and Kelli Emmet.

Back with FOX to further pave the way to racing victories are Aaron Chase, Cameron McCaul, Jeff Lenosky and Kirt Voreis. They are FOX’s frontrunners that have contributed significantly to mold FOX into what it is today. Proudly sporting the FOX logo, they are joined by Mislav Mironovic, the “Croatian Sensation”, Mike Steidley, champion for the 2008 NORBA National Trials, Rich Houseman and Scott Beaumont.

Mitch Ropelato is avidly backed up by FOX. Mitch apparently attained what appeared to be impossible at 2009 while only seventeen years of age. As far as the US Mountaincross National Championship, he is the youngest ever and a familiar face in the World Cup event. He took the silver medal proudly standing on the podium. FOX is proud to be part of Mitch’s willpower to reshape the face of MTB competition.

The rumors are true! Leigh Donovan has re-entered to race the World Cups once more. With titles to her belt like 1995 World Champion, 2001 World Cup Champion and U.S. National Champion for 9 times, she is royalty on gravity bike wheels and FOX is proud to be supporting her. Leigh will be representing FOX in WCs.

More awesome riders were taken under the FOX Racing wing like Tammy Donahugh, Ryan Condrashoff, Christian Wright, John Hauer, Jon Wilson, Evan Turpen, and Jordan Lopez.
On the other hand, FOX Europe also acquired two new riders to bring blazing talent to the World Cup DH scene. They are Harry Heath and Sam Reynolds. They aim to impress everyone with their twist on Dirt Jump and Slope Style scenes.